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The International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP) is the leading professional forum for science, practice, and education in the field of pain. Membership in IASP is open to all professionals involved in research, diagnosis or treatment of pain. IASP has more than 7,900 members in 133 countries, 90 national chapters, and 19 Special Interest Groups (SIGs). Founded in 1973, our association is governed by an international Council, made up of Officers and Councilors elected by the membership. Members may also serve on Committees, Task Forces, and Working Groups. The current president of IASP is Fernando Cervero.

Vision Statement

Working together for pain relief throughout the world



IASP brings together scientists, clinicians, health care providers, and policy makers to stimulate and support the study of pain and to translate that knowledge into improved pain relief worldwide.


Activities of IASP

IASP sponsors research symposia on specific pain-related topics and provides grants, awards, and fellowships to support international pain research. Through its Developing Countries Project, IASP offers grants to improve pain education for clinicians in developing countries. Each October, IASP launches its Global Year Against Pain to raise awareness of different aspects of pain.


IASP Website

IASP website features a wealth of information for health care professionals including information on their publications (books, clinical updates), International events on pain management (including information on 15th World Congress on Pain), IASP Chapters (including Sri Lankan Chapter), IASP Pain Taxonomy, Pain Curricula, Guidelines, etc.


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