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1. Pain: An Overview
Dr. Ranjith Pallegama

2. Physiology of Pain
Prof. Vajira Weerasinghe

3. Pharmacological Management of Pain
Dr. Rochana Perera

4. Neuropathic Pain
Prof. Tissa Wijeratne and Prof. Robert D Helme

5. Abdominal Pain
Dr. Chandima Halahakoon

6. Orofacial Pain: An Overview
Dr. Anura Ariyawardana

7. Pain: Psychological Correlates
Dr. Thilini Rajapakse, Dr. Dilani Wijeratne
and Dr. Ranjith Pallegama

8. Assessment of Pain
Prof. Tissa Wijeratne, Dr. Ranjith Pallegama and Dr. Dilani Wijeratne

9. Management of Acute Post-Surgical Pain
Dr. Vasanthi Pinto and Dr. Ravi Weerakoon

10. Management of Pain in Obstetrics
Dr. Chathura Ratnayake

11. Management of Musculoskeletal Pain and Chronic Pain Syndromes
Dr. Thilaka Manel Nissanka

12. Management of Pain in Children
Dr. R.M.Mudiyanse

13. Management of Pain in Neonates
Dr. R.M.Mudiyanse

14. Management of Acute Pain in Trauma
Dr. Saman Nanayakkara

15. Management of Cancer Pain
Dr. A.J. Hilmi

16. Management of Headache
Dr. Thilak Jayalath

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̃ Pain: An Overview

̃ Physiology of Pain

̃ Pharmacological Management of Pain

̃ Neuropathic Pain

̃ Abdominal Pain

̃ Orofacial Pain: An Overview

̃ Pain: Psychological Correlates

̃ Assessment of Pain

̃ Management of Acute Post-Surgical Pain

̃ Management of Pain in Obstetrics

̃ Management of Musculoskeletal Pain and Chronic Pain Syndromes

̃ Management of Pain in Children

̃ Management of Pain in Neonates

̃ Management of Acute Pain in Trauma

̃ Management of Cancer Pain

̃ Management of Headache




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